Peering Policy

AS203528 has an OPEN peering policy, always looking to peer with other networks, specially also hobbyists/educational networks.

Points of Presence.

AS203528 has nodes in:

  • New York USA
  • Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Ostrava, Czech Republic

Peering at an IXP

AS203528 is present at the following IXPs:

  • LocIX Dusseldorf
  • 4IXP (Virtual)

If you are present on any of those, just peer with the IXP route servers and we will be good to go.

Peering over a tunnel

This is also an okay solution. I can do the following:

  • Wireguard over IPv6: All locations.
  • Wireguard over IPv4: NYC, Luxembourg, Dusseldorf.
  • OpenVPN TAP over IPv4: Ostrava.

Just send me an email at either of the addresses I have listed on PeeringDB and I will reply whenever possible.

Rules for peering over a tunnel:

  • Max prefix set to whatever your network lists on PeeringDB.
  • You must let me know what prefixes you will send to me, I will do the same with you, I will manually create import prefix list filter for your BGP session.
  • Strict ingress filtering will be applied, as per BCP38 rules.
  • Do not point any static/default route to me (I will also filter traffic that is not destined to my IP block), only send me traffic destined to a prefix I have advertised to you.

Looking Glass

Looking Glass

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